1. Buttock Lipotransfer lasts a lifetime.


As long as good dietary and physical activity guidelines are followed, the results of buttock liposuction can be preserved for life. We must remember that the fat that is removed with liposuction can reappear over the years if the patient does not take care to take care of their nutrition and follow the advice of the surgeon.

It is true that once liposuction has been performed, it is very difficult for the fat to regenerate, but we must not lose focus once we have undergone this process if we want to maintain the results and avoid the appearance of new fat deposits.

2. Lipotransfer to the buttocks leaves marks impossible to eliminate.


The incisions that are made to carry out the process of liposuction are minimal since the diameter of the cannulas used to suction the fat is really small, so the scars that could be left afterward are imperceptible.

During the first weeks, the patient will see bruises in the operated area. These marks are perfectly normal and disappear a few days after the operation.

3. The results of buttock liposuction are not very symmetrical.


It is essential to find a qualified surgeon so that this myth does not become a reality. Before the procedure is performed, the professional must study the patient’s proportions, thus ensuring that the fat to be transferred will be the right amount for the patient’s body to acquire golden proportions.

The only way to ensure impeccable results is to place our trust in professionals. Lipotransfer is a process that has as a result the achievement of the perfect harmony of our body and of course it can be achieved, as long as we know in whom we are depositing our illusions.

4. The results are visible a few hours after the operation.


As it happens with the rest of the aesthetic surgeries, to see what will be the definitive results of the same, it is necessary to wait a few weeks so that the swelling has subsided completely.

The lipotransfer is also accompanied by lymphatic drainage sessions that are performed as part of the postoperative period in order to remove the fluid retained after the operation. On the other hand, the patient has to wear a surgical girdle thanks to which the surgeon ensures that the results will be as desired since its main function is the rearrangement of the tissues and also facilitating the drainage process.

5. Cellulite is more likely to appear after buttock augmentation.


There are the same possibilities that existed before it was performed. Liposuction, contrary to popular belief, does not completely eliminate cellulite. It is true that adipocytes are removed, but at a more superficial level than those that give our skin the appearance of orange peel.

Again, a good diet and following a series of very simple tips to avoid cellulite will be the solution to this other aesthetic problem. And if you are already too late to prevent and it is time to cure, remember that there are treatments such as body mesotherapy with Alidya that can completely eliminate cellulite.

6. Lipotransfer to the buttocks is useful for weight loss.


Lipotransfer is used to reuse excess fat from certain areas of our body and give volume to the buttocks-previously this process could also be performed with the breasts, but it was shown that the results were very unsatisfactory.

If we want to lose weight in a healthy way, the best way is the combination of diet and exercise. When the problem goes beyond feeling comfortable with ourselves and becomes a health problem, we should resort to more drastic measures such as a stomach reduction.

It is important to remember that lipotransfer is a process indicated for those cases in which diet and exercise are not enough since, in addition to eliminating fat from localized areas of our body, we can transfer it to the area that we cannot tone or that by our own nature we cannot increase in volume with other methods other than cosmetic surgery.

7. Lipotransfer to buttocks is very simple and fast.


Advances in both technology and knowledge about cosmetic surgery have facilitated the creation of procedures that are increasingly less painful and more comfortable for patients. Thanks to the new machines used to suction the fat, the operation is performed in less time -about two hours- and requires less recovery time. Only one week later, the patient can return to his or her normal daily routine without any discomfort.

8. The skin remains flaccid after buttock augmentation.


The skin is the largest organ of our body and also the one that undergoes the most changes throughout our lives. One of them is that it adapts to our changes of complexion, however, there is another characteristic of the skin that makes this can become something negative since once it has “given of itself” it does not recover its previous state due to lack of elasticity.

That is to say, once we experience, for example, a great weight loss, our skin will inevitably become flaccid. However, as we mentioned in a previous point, liposuction is not a slimming treatment, it is something artificial that we do to our body in order to improve it. As it is a controllable process, we can choose how it is going to look and in this way, the surgeon calculates the right amount of fat to remove so that the skin does not remain flaccid.

9. If we exercise after buttock augmentation, the good results are lost.


No, the size of our buttocks will never return to the size we wanted to get rid of when we decided to have an augmentation.

Of the fat that we transfer to our buttocks, only 30% of the total can be lost so the change, if this were to happen, would be practically imperceptible. In fact, as we have already mentioned, it is recommended to follow a diet and moderate exercise to maintain the results of the intervention.

10. Lipotransfer is the best solution to increase the size of the buttocks.


Forget about biopolymers, prostheses, fillers, and tensor threads. The best method to increase the size of your buttocks is the lipotransfer, mainly because it is the most natural, safe, and durable way.

So if you are thinking about adding volume to your buttocks, don’t hesitate a second longer! Now that you have cleared all your doubts about lipotransfer, consider it as the best option to do it.

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