Facial rejuvenation surgeries, bichetomy, nose
and lips are part of our specialty.


It is a surgical procedure that can be done for aesthetic reasons (because you are not comfortable with the appearance of your nose) or functional (when you have breathing problems). General anesthesia is used to perform this surgery and it lasts approximately 2-3 hours. The recovery time depends a lot on the patient, after the surgery a cast is left and it is up to each patient to decide whether or not to perform their activities with it, when the person doesn't want to, it is recommended to rest for seven days and then return to their occupations.


In Asesores Cirugías Medellín we understand that the lips are an important part of a woman's face and they denote sensuality, for this reason when a patient is interested in having lip surgery we have highly trained surgeons who, taking into account the facial features, perform the augmentation so that the final result is natural and the change in the face is not too abrupt.


It is a surgical procedure used for the ultimate purpose of rejuvenating the face. This procedure is performed by making small incisions strategically placed in front of the ears to allow the scars to be almost imperceptible; the skin of the face and neck are tightened and the excess skin is resected, to achieve a tighter skin. The approximate time of this surgery is 4-5 hours and it is performed under general anesthesia.


The objective of this surgical procedure is to raise the eyebrows and eliminate wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows, to achieve this, small incisions can be made that are almost imperceptible, as they are located behind the scalp or you can use an endoscopic equipment. To perform this surgery we can make use of both general anesthesia and local anesthesia depending on the agreement between the surgeon and the patient, the duration of this procedure is approximately 2 hours.


This surgical procedure seeks a fresher and rejuvenated look; it consists in drying the excess skin and fat in the lower and upper eyelid area. The scars of this surgery are practically imperceptible, since they are located under the natural lines of the eyelids and under the eyelashes. The recovery time is minimal and the swelling lasts a maximum of seven days. We recommend this type of procedure when people have bags in the eyelids, excess skin and dark circles under the eyes.


This type of procedure is common among children 5-6 years old, a stage in which the ears are almost fully developed, in order to reduce the possible psychological damage that can develop as a result of bullying that occurs at school. It can also be performed in adults who consider that their ears have some kind of deformity, in order to increase their self-esteem. In adults it is possible to perform the surgery with local anesthesia, while in children it is necessary to use general anesthesia. In both cases the procedure can be performed with a small incision that is almost imperceptible.


The chin is an important element in the balance of the face, for this reason in Asesores Cirujanos Medellin we offer mentoplasty as a surgical procedure, this is a simple surgery that does not require hospitalization and can be done either to increase or decrease the size of the chin. The incisions are made inside the mouth so there is no visible scar.


If you consider yourself a person with big cheeks, or feel that your face is too round, cheek slimming would be ideal for you and at Asesores Cirugías Medellín we will provide all the information and experience you need to give your face a slimmer appearance.


The objective of this surgery is the rejuvenation of the neck and generates a drastic change in the physique of a person; it is focused on lifting and correcting the skin that has accumulated under the jaw. When the skin is lifted, the jaw contour is redefined and the neck regains its youthful appearance. For neck surgery, the skin, fat and muscles must be taken into account. It is performed under local or general anesthesia and lasts approximately 1-3 hours depending on the patient's needs.


If you consider that the furrows of your face are very deep, or that you have lost volume in areas such as the cheekbones, lips, cheeks or temporal region, this is the procedure that can be performed to give volume and a more rested and rejuvenated appearance to your face. To achieve this surgical procedure we use fat, that is extracted from the same patient, which gives a touch of naturalness and allows the effects to be very durable.


Facial rejuvenation surgeries, bichetomy, nose, and lips are part of our specialty.


Outpatient procedures such as application of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid.