Breast augmentation is one of our most preferred surgeries by our patients, and among the consultations, the most common question is, where is the implant placed?

Mammary fold (lower part of the breast)

It is one of the most common ones, being in the crease, the scar is almost minimal, it also has an imperceptible impact to ducts and glands.

Peri-Areolar Incision (nipple)

It is the most requested by patients, to avoid visible scars, this is almost imperceptible because it is located on the edge of the nipple.

Trans – Axillary Incision (through the armpit)

In this case, we approach the upper region of the breast.

Which is the best technique for you?

It all depends on different factors:

-Anatomy or shape of the breast

-The balance between what the patient wants and can expect

-Size and shape of the prosthesis

-Special conditions of each patient

If you wish we can agree together on the best technique for you, write to us!

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