We have all heard different opinions on this subject, so we have decided to talk about the most common myths and truths.

All these varieties, along with cellulite and localized fat, are the most common aesthetic problems that most concern us as we get older. In addition to facial flaccidity and double chin, the most common body areas where sagging begins to be noticed with the passage of time are the inner arms, abdomen, chest, buttocks, and the sub-buttock banana (the outermost part of the buttock, where the fold is formed) and the inner thighs.

How can you fight body flaccidity?

Here are some important tips for you to start fighting body flaccidity

-Quit smoking

-Drink plenty of water

-Avoid too much sun

-Aesthetic treatments: such as Radiofrequency, Carboxitherapy, and Ozone Therapy.

Myths and truths that you should know about body flaccidity.

Facial exercises

Facial exercises became fashionable a few years ago. It was said that since there are muscles in the face, if you exercise them, you make them get bigger and harder and therefore the skin will tighten. This is true up to a point, since their capacity to hypertrophy is very, very limited. What is true is that it can worsen wrinkles. For example, crow’s feet or forehead wrinkles.

Sleeping on your stomach increases facial flaccidity

The only thing that can make you sleep on your stomach is that you wake up with wrinkles on your face because of the pillow. When we are young, as we have so much collagen, they do not form, but with age, the skin thins and they can be seen more. The sleeping position does not make your skin sag more.

Running makes your facial skin sag more.

Exercise isn’t bad in general, but it’s just that your face droops because of a lack of collagen, not because you like to go for a morning run. The fat loss occurs by losing a lot of weight, but the fact that going up and down while running causes the face to sag is not proven. In addition, experience tells us that patients who exercise regularly are healthier and look younger. There is nothing to prevent skin flaccidity. There is.

Get fat and then get thinner

This is true. Putting on a lot of weight and then losing weight, if we are not very young, makes our skin look too big, and then we have too much skin. And here, we have already entered the field of plastic surgery.

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