Many times in the eagerness to have a harmonious body, hasty decisions are made without thinking about the short or long-term effects they may have on your body. We want to explain the specific concept of biopolymers so you can have clarity of the panorama to which you would expose yourself if you do not know much about the procedures you want to perform.

What are biopolymers?

They are synthetic substances whose compositions can vary. Some analyses have found traces of cooking oil or gasoline.

What can biopolymers cause in the body?

-Redness in the area

-Pain and/or fever

-Joint pain

-Deformation of the areas

-In the worst cases, necrosis, amputations, and even death.

How do I know that what I am being injected with are biopolymers?

Look only for certified and qualified personnel

Your health is not a game, make sure you get advice in a suitable place and check that it complies with their permits.

Ask them to show you the product

It must be sealed and with its respective certifications from the corresponding health agencies.


If you have already been injected and you have any symptoms, do not hesitate to consult and avoid further complications.


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